Thursday, October 25, 2007

Gran Viaje

Sorry to everybody who reads this, I´ve been slacking lately. But I have a good excuse--Michael is definately coming out and I have been making plans for the two of us. We´re going to Madrid and to Rome, so hopefully I´ll have some sweet pictures for you after this coming week. That´s why I haven´t written, all my spare time has been spent with airlines and hostels.
There´s really nothing big to report on. Last Friday night we had our second "Noche de Chicos" which was a ton of fun again. We went out to play pool, had some tapas out on the sidewalk, got ice cream, and headed over to David´s apartment to watch some movies and hang out. There´re definately some really cool guys on this trip and I´m going to be sorry when the semester´s over.
On Saturday I went with mi amigo Eric to this fair they´ve got set up in the park. They call it the "feria de las naciones" and they´ve got different stands with food from all over the world. We both had a gyro from Greece and a Mojito from Cuba (and guacamole from Mexico)--food like that is always a highlight. I´m hoping it´s still going after my trip because I´d like to make a stop at Germany...there´s a bratwurst calling my name.
School´s been fine again--I´m going to take this opportunity to say once again that I adore my class. Salva´s a fantastic teacher and I´m never bored during our three hour classes. His birthday was tuesday, so we surprised him with some cake and soda (a good way to avoid more class time). And after the party he didn´t feel like class either, so we all learned a song in Spanish by a group called Maná. Now I´m a big Maná fan and Eric and I have been learning the guitar parts to sing along with the song.
On a lesser note, we´ve been seeing all the California fires on the news out here and just yesterday I found out that my aunt and uncle have been evacuated from their house. When I got the email their house was still ok, but I haven´t heard anything since. I figure I´ve got a nice captive audience here, so I´d like to ask you all for some prayers for them.
That´s all I can think of for now--just be prepared for a much longer one after my trip. I´m definately getting excited...although I´m sure I´ll be ready for my bed at Margarita´s house after some of the reviews I´ve read on these hostels. Oh well, life´s an experience. Say a prayer for me too. Thanks everybody.


Rebecca said...

Hey, to Dave and your readers: our house is fine, we're just waiting for the power to come back on. Others in our town were not as fortunate, so we are grateful!!

Reuben S. said...

Dave, you're hot. We need to talk some time. I'll wait until you get back to God's country (the USA).

Reuben S. said...

Dave, our house is fine too...but there aren't any forest fires in Texas...uh...

Nate Gibson said...

Hey Dave, it had been a while since I read your blog, good to hear things are going well over there. That is incredible that you got to go to Ireland. I'm psyched to hear more about that when you get back. Things are more the same here than ever. Dan is swearing at his football game. You get the picture. Chris and I decided that the "David-Dan" dynamic will be hilarious next semester. Anyway. Hope your travels with Michael go well. I'll be praying for you as you head into the homestretch of your semester.